Program Management

  1. Beyond getting registrations: end to end management of innovation calls

    Program Management Module is specifically designed to manage innovation and collaboration calls such as hackathons, business model competitions, technology challenges, demo-days.

    The module allows organizers to manage the whole process end-to-end on a self-contained single platform from gathering submissions, to assigning mentors and judges, evaluating, ranking and collaborating with teams.

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How it works

  1. How does it work for organizers?

    Once organizer sets up the call page and assigns an internal committee. The system is ready to gather submissions. Organizer can accept submissions from individuals, teams, business or legal entities or any combination thereof.

    Once participants signup and complete their profiles, they can submit their project to the event. Organizers can use TECHIN2B'S built in multi-factored, collaborative evaluation score board to evaluate entrants, assign each other tasks, share notes, assign or request validators and assign mentors to each projects.

    Organizers can at any time assign projects to a pool of external judges for preliminary or final evaluations. Organizers can also choose to publish internally, to a select group (such as investors) or to the public a part or the whole catalogue of entries.

    Organizers can also export selected projects to a new events page to organize B2B, demo-days or investor pitches. At any moment from the beginning to the end, organizers, participants and mentors and validators can always communicate among or to each other within the platforms messaging functions.

    How does it work for participants?

    It is an easy step by step process. Participant to the event will sign up to Techin2B and setup a personal or team profile. Participant then will be led to submission page.

    Once the technology or start-up profile is complete, participant will agree to the terms & conditions of the Organizer and simply click “submit”. It is that simple. Once the submission is complete, participant can communicate with the organizers, assigned mentors or request mentors.

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Key Features

  • End-to-end, innovation event management.
  • Organize challenges and events as often as needed
  • Customize challenges for specific goals
  • Keep the event open or set a time limit
  • Set up and assign leaders, pre-approved mentors & validators
  • Promote and gather submissions
  • Manage participants
  • Manage mentors, validators and judges
  • Use Techin2B’s key functions such as Scorecard for evaluation, Validation board, social media and messaging tools and publishing and promoting entries.
  • Share notes and information within the organizing team, provide full access as needed to select outside third parties such as a validator, technology or sector expert or investor
  • Gather all relevant information and communication relating to the event in a single, easy to access, collaborative platform
  • Build a customizable portfolio of entries, select projects
  • Follow up on the event with B2B meetings, investor pitch events
  • Generate and publish technology offers, start-up profiles or full catalogues
  • Incorporate the event to your own organization’s profile or integrate to your website
  • But Also: You can also integrate Techin2B’s other functions….
  • Combine with: Techin2B’s Innovation Radar services to evaluate entrants against technology /competitive landscape around the world

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