Portfolio Management

  1. Portfolio Management

    A new method and set of tools gives you all the visibility and control you need to easily manage and track your portfolio within team.

    It's minimally designed for you to evaluate technology and startups, validate business value with market, technical and business validators by implementing TECHIN2B methodology with Tech Evaluation Canvas(TEC) and identify commercialization potential!

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How it Works

  1. Create Your Technology - Startup Profile

    You can edit /publish /unpublish /delete your profile whenever you like. Disseminate your tech/startup profile to all ecosystem.

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  2. Evaluate Technology and Startup Profiles

    TECHIN2B is based on Technology Evaluation Canvas which is developed by TECHIN2B Team and is used in several technologies and startups for evaluation and validation.

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  3. Score Technology and Startup Profiles

    We developed TECHIN2B ScoreCard Module to analyse and compare profiles. You can score your profiles within your team and track progress in different time periods.

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  4. Manage Your Portfolio

    Track your technlogies and startups as a portfolio. Analyse them with your colleagues and invited 3rd parties. Use enhanced analytics for an accurate triage.

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  5. Discover Your Validators

    Access to international experts, mentors, investors, business partners and professionals. Get feedback from local experts for your targeted market.

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  6. Validate Your Techs

    Validate your technology/startup by accessing local experts and validate your fit tests(Problem, Problem-Solution, Solution-Market). Track all interviews centrally with your team.

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  7. Collaborate and Track Progress

    Collaborate with your team, assign priviledges for each profile privately. Track all records for a sustainable management.

  8. Flexible Access and Export

    Integrate your TECHIN2B organisation page to your own official page and manage your dissemination activies from one place. Let your visitors use TECHIN2B features too. Export each profile with your own brand.



One Stop Shop System

All included system base on a new tech validation methodology. Let the system accelarate your dissemination and help you access key validators.

Manage your Portfolio

Stay up to date on the techs/startups that are most important to your team. See what’s going on across your entire team. Log your interviews and progress. Prioritize your portfolio.

Collaborate with colleagues

Shared space for teams to collaborate, communicate, and share information securely. Stay up to date on team activity.

Who's seen your Profile

Know when someone's interested in you. See who's viewed you, your portfolio and what are their expertise and sector.

Track real-time progress

Monitor, analyze and refine your portfolio. Instantly access a detailed report of your team and portfolio. Use ScoreCard Module to evaluate profiles.

Event Manager

Setup your events for onsite validation opportunities. Let attendees interact efficiently by checking their expertise and portfolio. Use B2B Module with scheduling features.

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