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TECHIN2B groups over 4000 active users, 78 organisation and more than 1500 technologies and startups.

TECHIN2B is technology hub to accelerate market validation, increase collaboration, simplify portfolio management and facilitate network engagement for tech owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, business partners, investors, service providers and industry contacts.

TECHIN2B offers a new method and set of tools to provide the visibility and control needed to easily manage and track and share technology portfolio within your team and to engage third parties.

Portfolio Management

A new method and set of tools to provide the visibility and control needed to easily manage and track portfolio within your team.

Validation Approach

It is designed to easily validate business value with market, technical and business validators by using TECHIN2B methodology with Technology Evaluation Canvas (TEC) and to identify commercialization potential.


Manage events to engage participants. Organize match making events to promote technology portfolio and expertise. Monitor all content before and after the event. Follow and attend Training and Talk™ series to network with other professionals and businesses.

NewIP Radar

IP Radar is a strategic technology trends analysis report.

Combining patent mapping data with statistical and market information, IP Radar is a powerful business decision support tool for shaping innovation and R&D strategies.





When it comes to IP, what is your company’s endgame?

TLS.IP is an Intellectual Property and Innovation Management consultancy firm with a track record of delivering high quality strategic advisory services to identify, manage and maximize the value of intellectual assets in a transformative process in line with corporate business goals.

TLS.IP  is focused on  IP and innovation portfolio management, transactional & legal advisory services including litigation support as well as IP valuation for IP based transactions.

TLS.IP provides services to R&D intensive corporations, research institutions and TTOs, law firms and M&A and Private Equity funds. TLS.IP embraces the “telos” (“end game/goal) philosophy of action and our vision is: “when it comes to IP, what is your endgame?”

Aykut Gülalanlar

Aykut is an Electrical – Electronics Engineer and has a master degree in Engineering Management. He worked in both Public and Private University Technology Transfer Offices as commercialization manager. He is National Patent Attorney since 2011 and has CLP,RTTP and PMP Certifications. He is specialized in patent analysis, technology monitoring, and competitor’s patent landscape analysis, technology/tech startups evaluation & valuation for both industry and university.

He’s been working on commercializing new technologies for ten years. He is a member of CLP Standards, Admission, and Recertification Committee, treasurer of LES-TR, Finance director of PMI-TR. He is also the founder of the TECHIN2B Technology Management& Validation Platform ( and co-founder of Gixal Hardware startup.

Ömer Hızıroğlu

Omer was a senior partner with Diffusion Capital Partners, an early stage technology investment fund of 35 million Euros based in Amsterdam. Previously, he was the General Manager of Inovent, Technology Transfer Fund of Sabanci University, first of its kind in the country. He is a founding member of the Galata Business Angels Network (GBA) first Angel Network in Turkey and past vice-president and a Board Member of LES International. BA in Economics and International Relations from Tufts University, LL.M from University of Lausanne and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Suffolk University. Member of Istanbul, New York and Massachusetts bars.

Omer was named among IAM World’s 300 Leading IP Strategists, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Omer is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) and holds an expert level accreditation from European Knowledge Transfer Society (EuKTS).

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